So Confused - Monthly Budget / Savings Budget

I am at a loss here. I was using the Monthly Budget sheet and it states if you have a debt account you post the payment made to the account name and payment received to something like “debt payment”. That all worked okay but now I’m trying to utilize the Savings Budget and it says the in and out category should be the same. When I do that, the Monthly Budget doesn’t show any actual payments. I’m at a loss.

First of all. How should a Credit Card account be in the Categories. Is it considered a DEBT and in the Tracking column indicated as DEBT? If I do that, then in the Savings Budget sheet it doesn’t show the Actual amount paid. Lord, help me :frowning:

Should I not be looking at the Monthly Budget if I’m using the Savings Budget?

I just need to know how to create these categories for Credit Cards and Loans, and how to post them when the transaction comes back. Can you tell me that please? Some of these are manual accounts so I have to create the payment made manually and right now I don’t know if I should categorize them as the account name, or something else debt payment.

So confused :frowning: :face_with_head_bandage:

I agree - I found that to be too onerous and abandoned it.

Hi @cgconeal, that’s right. If you’re wanting to use the Savings Budget to track your category rollovers/savings month to month then you wouldn’t also use the Monthly Budget sheet. The Savings Budget sheet essentially replaces the Monthly Budget sheet when you decide to switch and use it.

It sounds like you’re trying to use the debt tracking workflows in this community topic and if so then you’d just want to follow the instructions for Savings Budget if that’s the one you prefer to use.

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