Freelance Contractor trying to manage job spending

Hi- I am new here and have done a basic search- I am a freelance contractor and like to keep track of certain expenses to certain jobs

I there a way to assign different jobs and assign them to transactions -

Maybe a sub group?

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Hi, you might be able to use “Tags” in your transaction sheet along with the Tags Report to get what you are looking for. Click on the link below for more information on the report itself and on setting it up.



Interesting _ I do wish I could still add a subtype or sub-cat so I can better label transactions

I would love to figure out best practice to book these transactions-
I would love to be able to label each transaction with
Vendor, Cat, Sub cat and use the label for the job name

Hi there! You can absolutely track all of this – it just won’t show up in Tiller’s automated reports exactly, but you can make your own reports with this info using pivot tables. Just add a new column each for Vendor and Job Name and whatever else you need to track. In Tiller - there’s groups with categories underneath each Group, so would that be sufficient for you? If not, then you can still have a subcategory column as well (but remember, it won’t show up in something like a monthly budget report automated by Tiller). You can also automate rules with these custom columns, which is super handy for repeat vendors, etc!


hi @kirsti.rehler!! I am looking for someone who can help me setup tiller…I saw your name pop up and can’t figure out how to DM you so hopefully you can message me! best way is to text me at 310-486-4452 or email me at - texting me is faster, any time is ok! as a side note I have tiller already setup for me, but I run a biz and have way too many transaction and am overwhlemed…so i’m looking for someone to help me sort through the mess and get it setup properly, thanks :blush:

Hi Evan - thanks for reaching out. I just sent you an email :slight_smile:

Hey _ Thanks so much for this- Are you talking about adding columns to the Transactions tab?

I was thinking that I use the description column for the vendor . I then use the Category for the Category and then a Tag for the Job name- Should I add another column?

Description------ Category------ Tags
Lowes--------------- Material------ 1 Main Ave

I would love to know a little more about the transaction

Description--------Category -----------Job ----------- Sub- Cat
Lowes-----------------Material--------1 Main Ave — Plumbing

You can use the description column for vendor. The downside to this will be that descriptions come in all sorts of ways - sometimes as GroceryStore or Grocery Store or Grocery* Sto, etc – so summarizing this data if you ever needed to using a pivot table doesn’t work well. If you just need to easily be able to look up lowes sometimes if you’re trying to find a particular transaction, then description works fine, using filter function - text contains. However, if you need to track vendor in order to summarize the data easily (perhaps to track 1099s for example), then I would add a specific vendor column. Tags for the job name should work pretty well. In Tiller you can have multiple tags per transaction - which works great with the tags report and easily looking up data. BUT, if you ever wanted to easily make a table summary with tags, then having multiple tags can sometimes be a bit tricky, so just keep that in mind.

As far as your first point- I usually search all the vendors and clean them up. Specifically Checks, as they come in as check numbers and we would have to enter the vendor there

I have encountered multiple tags but I was limited being able to search by the tag of the #job name and then being able to see the subcat in there

I like @kirsti.rehler’s approach. Add all the columns you need to the Transactions sheet and track as granularly as you like. Tiller’s existing reporting tools work on the Type/Group/Category hierarchy (and sometimes Tags) so they won’t be able to take advantage of your fully-enriched data, but you can build your own filters/templates or use pivot tables for your reporting, @n8g.

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New and also really interested in this topic.
I did go ahead and add an additional column, but I would really like for that “Area/Project” column to be accessible on the other tabs as well. Any suggestions as to an array for this? Thanks!

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It sounds like you added the new “Area/Project” to your Transactions sheet, @annaphelan94? That is a great way to enrich and personalize the data for your transactions.

How you pull this information into other sheets will depend a lot on where you want to show the data, what data is available in the other sheet, and whether that data is aggregated. If the other sheet includes transaction line items (including the unique Transaction Id field), you should be able to use the XLOOKUP() formula to map data from your new column into the other sheets by matching on that field.

Hope this helps.

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