From the Tiller Budget Template to Budget Planner by 20 Something Finance

I have not been able to find my groove with the Tiller Budget template. Having the categories and the monthly actuals separated on two sheets is not the most supportive flow for me.

I love everything else about it and have enjoyed all the spreadsheets I have found in the community plug in. TY Tiller community! Sadly, none of the budget ones listed there also fulfilled what I was looking for.

I would be interested to use one of the templates mentioned by Tiller in “Free google sheets budget templates” in particular " Budget Planner by 20 Something Finance."

However, I would prefer not to input things manually and would love for things to auto populate like they do on the foundations template (since that’s one of the major value points for me w/ Tiller).

How difficult would it be to have data auto-populate in the “Budget Planner by 20 Something Finance?” (i.e., once I categorize a transaction on the transaction sheet it goes to the appropriate category on the budget sheet etc…) I have quite rudimentary google sheets skills and am not sure how to do it/if it is beyond my skillset.
I would also be open to hiring someone to do this so if you know anyone in the community who does this work please let me know!

That looks a lot like the “Yearly Budget” template that comes with the Foundation template. I also see a couple options in the Community Solutions that seems similar. Maybe one of them could suit your needs?

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I really like the yearly budget to see the whole year/ month to month fluctuations. The challenge is I still need to go to the categories sheet to make edits on the budget dedicated to each. I am hoping to eliminate the use of two sheets and just have both the categories and the budget edits happen in one place.

I will have to got back to the community solutions and see if I missed something.

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Thanks for this feedback. We understand that there is a decent amount of set up at first, especially if you have a large number of categories.

I agree with @jpfieber that the Yearly Budget is the closest match we have. But once you have your budget amounts set for the year, the Yearly Budget sheet should be pretty automated and not have very much back and forth between the sheets. The budget editing occurs in the Categories sheet, so I’m not sure what other sheet you are making edits to.

Right now everything is built with the data references to both the Transactions sheet and the Categories sheets, those are considered “core sheets” that many visualization templates then pull from.

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