A condensed yearly budget template?

Hi all - I’ve been using tiller for several years. As most of our categories are pretty fixed from month to month, having the budgeted amount included for every single month on the yearly budget sheet makes for quite a bit of extra scrolling. I would like to create a simplified annual budget sheet which just showed the actual amounts and left out the budgeted/remaining amounts. I guess this would just be pure income/expense tracking. In my “before tiller” days I had created a sheet using sumifs with data extracted from mint - screenshot below. I’ve been meaning to make this for my Tiller sheet but haven’t gotten around to doing so. Is there a shared template that exists for something similar to this? I figured I would ask before I made my own. Thanks everyone & apologies if this has been posted before.

I would recommend either just hiding the columns you don’t want in the Yearly Budget or running the P&L report in the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on.