Is tracking an annual budget vs. monthly possible in Tiller?

I do not need to granularize a monthly budget down to the category. I simply know that, on average, I need to stay under $X amount per month.

For instance, if my annual budget is $120k or $10k a month and I spend $5k or 50% of monthly budget in January, my average monthly budget for the remaining 11 months Feb - Dec goes up to $10.5k.

If I spend $20k or 190% of the newly adjusted $10.5k budget in Feb, my budget goes down to $9.5k March - Dec.

At the end of a month or year, it’s nice to be able to see what +/- % of the monthly/annual budget I hit.

Is there a way or a dedicated Tiller labs sheet that would allow for this?

@hbwilliams22, have you checked out the Monthly Analysis sheet yet? It might be useful for this analysis.

I have, yes. It currently exists in my workbook. But I do not see a place for me to input my “annual budget” of $120,000 for instance. Is there a place for this?

Hi @hbwilliams22,
You would need to divide the total annual budget by 12 and put that amount in each of the months.

What row within the Categories sheet would I put the monthly totals in?

The monthly budget for each category would go in its own row.
In the Foundations template, each month’s budget has its own column.
In earlier templates, there’s a column in each category for the full year budget.
Which template are you using?

Thanks for the info. I do not need to budget each individual category. I just focus on total expense per month. Let’s say my annual budget is $96k/year. I know that I need to stay at or under $8,000/mo on average.

I guess you could create a Monthly Total expense category and put $8,000 as a monthly budget amount.
Then you would be able to compare $8K budget to actuals every month.

You wouldn’t need to assign any expenses to this category. Just use it to get the budget amount in there and don’t use a budget for any other category.