HELOC Payment Details

Not sure if this is a Yodlee issue, Financial Institution issue or what, but when I make a payment on my HELOC, all I get back into my Tiller Budget is the total payment. If I check my online statement, it shows me that X dollars went to the principle and Y dollars went to interest. So I go into my Tiller Budget sheet (on Google Sheets) and do a split transaction so I can keep track of how much interest I am paying. Is there a way to get that level of detail in my feed?

This is a great question, @clemmonsnc. I don’t THINK that information is provided to us from our aggregator. Perhaps @heather can confirm.

@clemmonsnc right now we don’t have a way to break out the interest vs principle automatically because the transaction is the total amount. As you mentioned the Statement showed how much was interest vs principle whereas in the Transactions list online I’m assuming it just shows the lump sum as an inflow to that account vs showing separate transactions for interest and principle.