How can I track income from end of month and have it roll over to the next month?

Hi, I’m brand new to Tiller and really wanting this to work for my new budgeting system. I’m trying to fully understand how to make my income work for this sheet. I get paid on the 15th and 30th of each month. Do I need to manually enter my 30th income into the following month for it to register as a payment? I’m trying to understand how to rollover cashflow/income from March to April, for example.

Hi @amccauley7983 !

If you’d like for the income you receive on the 30th to fund the next month’s budget then yes you’d need to manually adjust the date in the Date column on the Transactions sheet to be a date that falls in that month (e.g. the 1st).

The budget periods for the Foundation template are always 1st - last of the month. There isn’t a way to have the budget period start on the 15th of the month.

Personally, I use the “This month’s cash flow to date” amount on the Foundation template Monthly Budget dashboard as a measure of “how I did” that month after the month closes because it will shift around a good bit throughout the month as money moves in/out. I get paid once a month, usually around the 21st, so that “cash flow to date” is negative until I get paid, but I’m okay with that, and pay more attention to individual variable spending categories and whether they’re creeping toward the budget limit or have gone over as the signal I need to adjust spending behavior.

So whether or not you change the date so that your month starts cash flow positive or not is up to you and your preferences about how to visualize where you are within the month.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, and you’re wanting to see your category available or deficit amounts rollover into the next month as savings/over spending, you might check out the community-built Savings Budget dashboard and workflow that’s compatible with the Foundation template.

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I want to roll a mortgage payment over into the next month (the check is withdrawn from my account on the last day of the previous month and credited on the 1st of the current). Is the solution the same here (adjusting the transaction date)?

If it is, the AutoCat feature would be an awesome help here (for me). I use it to categorize these two transactions accordingly. I did see that I can change the date with AutoCat, but I would need a more complex rule like “add one day to the date.”

Yes, changing the date would accomplish that. The main thing here is to make sure that both the withdrawal and credit transactions appear in the same month since I’d imagine you’re using Transfer types to categorize them.