Basic Budgeting help - going from rollovers to no rollovers

I currently use rollovers and am considering going to the Foundation template in 2020 but I just don’t quite understand how my budgeting would work. I spend every dollar on paper at the beginning of the month, then throughout the month adjust the numbers to borrow from one category to pay for another category. (Probably not the best practice, but it works for me.) At the end of the month sometimes there just isn’t enough extra money to shift around and I’ll rollover negative balances into the next month to adjust from there. I’m not in debt and it all ends up working out.

If I switched, how would the Foundation template work? Once the month is over, where do the numbers go? I understand that I can set up a separate savings account for my yearly expenses rather than rollover the saved up amount to each month, but how do you deal with overspending?

Hi @wipersnaz,

Great questions.

In the Foundation Template overspending in a given month just appears as a negative amount in your “available” column on the budget dashboards. The simplest way to track the overage would be to reduce your budget amount for the next month for that category by the overspending. This is a manual process obviously.

If you’re happy with the rollover features in the Tiller Budget there is no need to switch. Is there something specific you like about the Foundation Template that you don’t have access to in the Tiller Budget your’e already using?


I like being able to look at the months prior in a yearly budget setting. Not to use all the time, but nice for reference and comparing.