Adding Rollover to the new foundation template

How do I add the rollover function to the new foundation template? The categories tab on the foundation template is completely different than that if a new budget is created from Add On’s-Tiller-Budget. I don’t want to maintain multiple workbooks and have to fix my transactions in each one.I only want to format my transactions one time.

@KLineberry, I think this answers your question. In this post, @heather says the following:

The Foundation Template is incompatible with the Rollover budget because of the way budget amounts are assigned to Categories and a lot of the automation magic that happens behind the scenes to keep track of rollovers.

@Blake is right about that. The Rollover functionality isn’t available in the Foundation template, so you just need to decide which template is right for you and just maintain one sheet.

Here is a comparison:

How can I download the monthly budget version which includes rollovers?

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You can learn all about how to use and access that template here: