Adjust Budget Amount in Foundation Template

Hi there - I just migrated from the original Feedbot-powered Budget Template (circa 2018) to the Foundation Template. So far, so good, and the Foundation template seems way faster.

One column I really appreciated in the original Budget Template was the “Adjust” column on the Dashboard. It allowed me to quickly adjust the budgeted amount for a category in a given month. Has anyone figured out how to add that into the Monthly Budget tab in the Foundation Template?

I know I can manually set/adjust each category’s budget amount in the Categories tab. But that’s not as convenient as being able to do it right in the Monthly Budget tab. At the start of each month, my wife and I run through that month’s budget, and making adjustments right in the Monthly Budget tab is really quick.


Not in the Foundation Template out of the box, but there is another budgeting option, that similar to the Envelope/Tiller Budget you’re used to that does have the Adjust option and the rollover/envelope option.