Using Undo with Tiller Budget (with rollovers)

I use the older template since I use rollovers. In the “Monthly Budget” worksheet there is a column called “Adjust.” I like using it since I can put “b=75, or b+75” and the budget column adjusts accordingly. The only problem is if I mess up, I can’t hit undo to fix it since there are some background things going on and it doesn’t undo my last step. I’ve gone to the version history but since the spreadsheet gets new versions so often, I’ve been unsuccessful at loading the history past 2 days. (I had to stop and come back to it and that was another problem that I waited too long.)

Any advice? How do you use undo when there are background formulas working?

I’d love to switch over to the new foundation template but it doesn’t support rollovers. How do you budget without rollovers? I allocate $x per month for shopping or car insurance or dental bills etc and if I don’t spend it all, I’d like to roll it over to the next month.


This is a good question and the version history in Google Sheets can be finicky.

One option would be to just do the reverse shortcut in the Adjust cell like b-75 or reset the budget. Otherwise, you’re right the undo doesn’t work because there are scripts running in the background.

The rollovers in the Tiller Budget are nice because they’re automated. You could manually track surplus or deficit funds month to month in the Foundation template. Just look at whatever your remaining was in any particular category and do the math yourself (even in a blank tab, spreadsheets are just fancy calculators :wink: ) and then update the new month’s budget amount on the Categories sheet accordingly. Remove funds for the new month if you were overspent, or add the remaining value if you were underspent.


Thanks! I think I’m going to just take the plunge and try using the foundation template.