How Do I Change a Category Name in Excel?

The Tiller Community Add-On has a tool for changing category names, but it’s only for Google Sheets. I’m on the Excel version of the Tiller Foundation Template. When I changed a category name on the Category tab, the Income and Expense items related to that category on the Spending Trends worksheet simply disappeared. So I quit without saving (whew). Why doesn’t Excel propagate the changed category name to the other tabs? Is there a hack to fix this, similar to the one for Google Sheets? It’s a hack if you need to do it to make Excel behave like … Excel.

There isn’t quite “a hack” but you’ll need to change the category name in both your Categories sheet and Transactions sheet. The former is easy. For the latter, you could either do a find/replace or your could setup a filter and then drag the change down over all rows using the old category name.

Thanks. I thought so. Why don’t they use VBA for stuff like this? Make Excel act like Excel! The developers must be more concerned with maintaining a single version of Tiller that works on both Google Sheets and Excel then they are in providing Excel users with a rich experience. With VBA code Tiller could still be accessed from anywhere using OneDrive.