Change Name of Category

Is there a way to change the name of a category without impacting anything else? If I change an existing category in the Categorie’s tab it essentially deletes the original category and starts a new one with the new name.

I’d like all old transactions (categorized under the old category name) to now be categorized with the new name. For instance, I want to change my clothing category to be clothing/household (don’t ask!), and have everything that was formerly in clothing to now be in clothing/household.

How? Thanks!

I’m not aware of a way to automate updating the category name in the Transaction sheet. I did a similar renaming, and had to manually change the assigned categories in my Transactions sheet. To simplify it, I filtered to only show the ‘bad’ category. I then changed the top one to the new category name, copied it, selected all the others, and pasted the new name.

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I added a workflow to the Tiller Money Labs add-on back in October to help with this.

Give it a try, @james3332.


Randy - I tried this in my Envelope Budget and while it certainly changes the various transactions I found a big problem in that all my Rollover values for the changed Category name from the old did NOT carry over. I went to change a category from “Extraordinary Expenses” to “Extraordinary” and the new category did not have the Rollover values – I used the version history to go back. Perhaps I should have run the Analyze Budgets History?

I’m not totally sure the change category workflow was built with the Tiller Budget in mind, but yes, running analyze budgets history would likely make the adjustments though it might also have some other unintended consequences.

Let us know how it goes.