Steps to follow to update categories?

Dear TillerHQ Community,

I have years of data in my Tiller and would like to “start from scratch” with new categories. But I want my past data to me mapped to the new categories.

Example: today I categories all my Amazon transactions as “Amazon” but I would like going forward to categorize them “Groceries” and update past amazon transactions also.

Looking forward to your thoughts!

Have a great day

In the Tiller Community extension, under Tools, you’ll find a Rename Category workflow. This will allow you to either rename all the transactions in a category, or merge one category into another. The Categories sheet will be updated with any name change. These two processes should accommodate most situations.

Otherwise, sort or filter the Transactions sheet by Description or Category, then copy/paste updated categories names. Just make sure your Categories sheet reflects any name changes.


Thank you @GregC ! much appreciated