Merge two transaction categories into one

Greetings. I hope you are doing all right (or better) today.

I know how to rename a category using the Tiller Community Solutions “Rename Category” algorithm thing.

How can I combine two transactions categories?

Thank you.

I would create the new category on the Categories sheet. Then on the Transactions sheet, I’d use Find/Replace to find all of the first category and change them to the new category, then I’d do the same for the second category. With all the transactions in the new category, I’d go back to the Categories sheet and delete the two old categories. Finally, I’d check my AutoCat sheet to see if any rules are using the old categories, and if so, update them to use the new one. You’d also want to check if any of your sheets is filtering based on the old categories, and if so, update so they are filtering by the new category.


I already had 10+ years of data when i started Tiller. I just kept the category name i liked, and used find and replace for the others to rename the second or third or fourth category to the one i wanted to keep.