Docs: Rename or merge a category


The Tiller Community Solutions add-on includes a tool that will allow you to rename or merge categories.

You might want to rename a category if you decide you want to modify it or need to make it more or less broad.

You might want to merge a category if you no longer need the granularity it offers.

This workflow will update the category in the following places

  • Categories sheet
  • AutoCat rules sheet
  • Transactions sheet
  • Budget Journal (if using the Savings Budget dashboard)

How to use it

  1. Install or launch the Tiller Community Solutions add-on
  2. Click the Tools tab & choose Rename category
  3. Choose whether you want to rename or merge a category
  4. Add a new category or select the existing category for merge

Choosing to rename a category means every instance of the existing category will be replaced with the new category and the old category will be removed from the Categories sheet.

Choosing to merge a category means all existing instances of the category will be merged with the selected category. This will also merge the budget values for the category into the new category’s budget.

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