Rename Category Workflow for Envelope Budget?

Hi @randy, I just tried Rename Category and it worked as advertised. Very helpful, thank you!

However, I am using the Envelope Budgeting add-on, and the workflow does not include renaming the category in the Budgets History sheet, so the prior name showed up as Obsoleted and the budget amounts were not applied to the new category. I renamed the column in Budgets History manually, and all seems to be well.

Could the Rename Category workflow be enhanced to include doing the rename in the Budgets History sheet if that is present? Thanks!

Hey @ossher!

Glad to hear the Rename Category workflow worked for you. That’s a new-ish one and it isn’t well known.

I’m afraid we stopped maintaining the Envelope Budgeting add-on some time ago. We’re hoping rollover budgeters will move over to the newer Savings Budget template which is compatible with the Rename Category sheet.

Good luck!

Thanks, @randy. I hadn’t realized that Envelope Budgeting is no longer current, I’m not great at keeping up with announcements! I’ll take a look at the Savings Budget template…

Sorry about the change. We were never happy with the script dependence and performance of the original Envelope Budget. Changing periods on the template was slow and the onEdit() scripts that pulled in budget changes are crippling for the entire spreadsheet’s performance.

About a year ago, I created the Savings Budget as an alternative with most of the same functionality. I use it personally and feel like it is a much better solution. You can read about it here.

No need to apologize, it’s always good to see software improving. I found the performance issues frustrating too, and the use of scripts made it harder for me to tailor and adapt (which I always love to do). So I absolutely understand your motivation. I’m looking forward to exploring your new solution (in mid-August, after a trip); thanks for the link.

I like your attitude, @ossher.

You’ll find reference to some rudimentary migration workflows in the Savings Budget documentation. They are crude and somewhat manual but can definitely help if you don’t want to start fresh.

Good luck.

Thanks, @randy! And good to hear there’s some migration help, I’ll look out for it - thanks for that too.

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Excellent, @randy, thanks for responding so promptly!