How do I click down and see transactions under each category for a selected period?

I can live without pretty pie charts and could potentially replicate them into the google sheet but I don’t know how to recreate the ability to click down into a particular category for the selected period and see the underlying transactions like I use to do in Mint. For example, let’s say we spend $167 on the category “Eating Out” I want to be able to see the transactions for “Eating Out” for a defined period e.g. this week, last week, last month. I could create a filter on the transactions tab but am afraid to “break” the template. This is a deal breaker for me. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @Ritz - I created a view of all income and expenses for a given time period called PnL Analyzer and updated it recently to add a feature similar to what I think you’re looking for - you click a checkbox in Column A for a particular Category row and it will automatically display the underlying transactions. The displayed transactions don’t necessarily reduce to a smaller time period than the main report, but there is sorting and color banding available to make viewing smaller periods easier.

There is also a great community solution called Transaction Tracker developed by @yossiea that you could try out rather than applying a filter on your transactions tab. It’ll give you a lot of flexibility to search by different time periods.

I’d second Transaction Tracker. One of my most used sheets, and it allows you to slice and dice your transactions in lots of different ways.

Thank you both @KyleT @dmetiller. I found the Transaction Tracker but dont see the option under my extentions to add a template from the Tiller Community as noted in the instructions. This screenshot is from my template.

You need to add the Tiller Community Solutions add-on first. Instructions below. Once you have that added, you’ll want to click on Add a Solution, then search for Transaction Tracker, and then click on Add to Spreadsheet below the description of the add-on.

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 12.56.25 PM

And here’s the link with instructions on adding the Community Solutions add-on.

Once you get Transaction Tracker installed, add a Group column to your Transactions sheet (if you haven’t already), as it’s a requirement for Transaction Tracker.

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