Category Tracker not showing transactions for certain categories

May be pilot error…newbie coming over from Mint

Some transactions are not displaying $ amounts in the Category Tracker. See pictures below.

Also, I’ve noticed that the first line (13) in the Category Tracker shows a “/” under the “Type/Group”. Is this correct? When I tried to delete it, it cleared all of the info in the sheet. See picture below:

This makes me think you may have fell into these pitfalls …

Troubleshooting the Category dropdown in the Transactions sheet

How to Avoid this Issue

  1. Do not insert new rows at the top or bottom of the Categories list - use the existing rows and add new categories to the bottom of the list in blank cells or overwrite example categories you’re not using.

  2. Use the next available/empty existing row in the Categories sheet to make sure that the Excel Table expands properly (do not skip or leave blank rows at the bottom of the Categories sheet

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Thanks for your reply Mark. Yep, I figured I may have added or deleted a row and your message confirms it. So how do I fix it? Do I have to reinstall the app or is there an easier way?

Yeah, if you don’t want to debug it and not be sure you’ve fix it properly, it might be best to start fresh.

There is quite a lot of guidance and tips in the following article, in case you were not aware of it:
Welcome to Tiller from Mint Webinar Resources

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Thanks Mark. I appreciate your input and help.