Missing Categories On Transaction Sheet

I have two categories set up in my Categories sheet that refuse to show up when I try to tag an expense with them. Any advice on troubleshooting this? I have tried reloading the spreadsheet and have deleted the rows a couple of times and reinputted them on the Categories sheet.

what rows? at the end of the sheet?

It’s actually rows 2 & 3 at the top of the sheet.

Insert two blank rows into the middle of the sheet and add your information there and then delete rows 2 and 3. B

You may also want to check the data validation rule ( this is the rule that populates the drop-down on the transactions sheet. )

To do this go to your transactions sheet and highlight the Category column starting on row 2 and then go to the menu and select “Data” and then “Data Validation”


This where the sheet is told what to fill the drop-down with. Be sure that the area that says Categories has the full amount of rows to cover all of your categories.

One way to do that is to click into the box that says categories and set it to A2:A (see below). This will add all rows in the categories sheet.