Missing Category in Category Tracker

Using Category Tracker add-on and it seems to not include one of my categories.

I’ve restored the sheet and checked that there are transactions in the given date range.

Anything I can specifically try?

Category Tracker shows:

CC Debt Payment
CC Debt Transfer
Home Improvements
Home Utilities
Interest Charge
Loan Payment
Misc Discretionary
Student Loan Payment
Travel / Entertainment

Auto / Gas / Insurance

Any chance it is set to Hide From Reports in the Categories sheet?
Or that the type is set to Transfer?


Hi Randy,

Neither set to Hide From Reports or set to Transfer Type.

I just checked and the Categories column (A) in the Category tracker are pulled from active transactions in the Transactions sheet and not from the Categories sheet. This points to the problem being how those rows are implemented in the Transactions sheet not an issue with the Categories sheet. Is it possible the year is wrong in the Transactions sheet (e.g. 1/1/19 --> 1/1/1919)?

Can you play around with trying applying the “Auto / Gas / Insurance” to a row in the Transactions sheet that IS pulling into Category Tracker properly… and seeing if it shows up (i.e. is the issue the category label? or the transaction row?)?

Hoping we can get to the bottom of this.

Checked the Transaction sheet and the Transaction Date for an auto expense is current. All transactions were pulled using Linked Accounts.

In my Category Tracker, the Shopping category works. Took note of the current amount. Navigated to Transactions sheet and changed an Auto / Gas / Transportation expense to Shopping. Navigated back to Category Tracker sheet and amount changed. Changed it back, but still no Auto / Gas / Transportation category.

Wow. Bizarre! Sounds like it is somehow related to the Category name or row then… What if you create a new category row (in the middle of the sheet— not at the bottom) and create a new version of that category name there? That will help us determine if the issue is something about the category name text or about the row falling outside of the search bounds. Could you try that, @louis.antenor?


Hi Randy,

I created a Category named “Test Category”, assigned to a transaction previously categorized with the Auto / Gas / Transportation and Test Category appeared in the Category Tracker. I will try to re-create the problem Category but from the middle of the sheet and update this thread. Thanks for the tip!

It’s possible the Auto / Gas / Transportation was added in a way that fell outside the dashboard search area. Try changing the name of Test Category to Auto / Gas / Transportation and then delete the original row for that category.

Crossing fingers,

Hi Randy,

I thought that made sense as well. Tried that, and it didn’t work.

That is bizarre. I wonder if there are some hidden/exotic/non-standard characters in your Auto / Gas / Transportation string? Or if the formulas are choking on multiple slashes? Maybe just play with the name text (including just retyping it from scratch) and see if you can settle on something that works with the formulas?


Here’s another twist. So I changed the Category to Auto / Gas and assigned it to only one transaction. Auto / Gas / Insurance appeared in Category Tracker! But it seems it was accounting for the other transactions that have it. The odd thing is that the transaction with Auto / Gas does not appear.

I’m thinking it’s one particular transaction causing this. I don’t see anything odd about the transaction though. EDIT: Nevermind, it’s not.

Also of note: Auto / Gas / Insurance is not an existing Category, just that some transactions are still categorized that but it appears in Category Tracker.

It seems it has something to do with the first item that appears in Category Tracker. I changed Auto / Gas to Transportation and it appears, but now the first item, CC Debt Payment, is gone.