How do I modify the Account Filter solution to include a date range filter?

Anyone know how I can modify this Account Filter solution to include a date range at the top?

I think this sheet is so handy, but it’s missing the ability to filter transactions by a specific date range.

@jono I know you built the original, do you have a quick formula or steps I can plug in to add date ranges to this? Or easier to share a modified version?

Ideally it would use the presets (last week, last month, etc) that are available in many other solutions + the custom option to choose a specific date range.


Hi @heather ,
This would be pretty easy to do.

You could add a Start Date and End Date, for example, in cell D2 and D3 respectively.

It would take a few more steps to build the different presets, but that could be copied from an existing sheet that uses those options.

Then, you just need to change the formula in A6 to filter for the start and end dates.
By adding something like this to the filter statement, it would filter the results on or after the start date and before or on the end date:


H13 is a reference to the Date column of the Transaction sheet. Those values are filtered by the start and end dates.

The original formula in A6:

would become:

Something like that should work.


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I put your new suggested formula in A6 and it worked perfectly @jono ! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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