How to add contact info and notes to each account?

I would like to save contact info and instructions to my spouse on how to contact the institution for access to my account in the event of my incapacity or death.

I would like to be able to print a report that will include this specialized account access information.

Is there a way to add a description section for an account that can hold a paragraph of information?

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If you add ‘Notes’ to cells, when you print, by default the notes will print out like a footnote, with a number next to each cell that has a note. There is a checkbox under ‘Format’ in the print dialogue to turn that option on and off.

Thank you @jpfieber . I see a notes field next to each Accounts sheet in GoogleSheets. I added a note next to an account and then printed the Accounts sheet – it then prints the notes column.

If i then print the balances sheet, I do not get the footnotes.

If I go to the net worth sheet – well, that is not working for me as described in my other post from today.

So, are you describing a print from Balances, or Networth, or someplace else?

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OK, now I understand. The note is added as a right click on the cell where the Account Name is shown on the Balances sheet, and then prints on the second page of the Balances sheet.

The notes from the Accounts page of course can be used if you print that sheet.

This helpful.

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