How to choose a budget template

@heather I have been testing out some of the templates. I was testing the Tiller Foundations template. I’ve also looked at the Tiller Monthly Budget via the Add-on. I like the tiller Budget sheet created via the add-on but it’s different from the one in Tiller Foundations template. I’ve tried a variety of things to get replace the Monthly Budget tab that came with the Tiller Foundations template but I keep getting a message that the template I’m using is not compatible for the add-on. How do I still get the benefits from both?

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Just want to try and get some clarification. You’re talking about the Monthly Budget tab that is installed via the Tiller add-on (distinct from the Tiller Labs add-on) that has Rollovers?

We have two budgeting solutions

  1. Tiller Budget with rollovers installed via the Tiller add-on
  2. A monthly budget tab in the Foundation template that does not have rollovers.

You’re looking to install # 1 and you’re getting an incompatible message when trying to install it into the Foundation template?

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@heather yes you are correct.

It would be great if the foundation template included an option/support for the rollover compatible budgeting.

Hi @ahopper - sorry for my delay here. We’re still working out how best to keep track of everything over here on the community!! The Foundation Template is incompatible with the Rollover budget because of the way budget amounts are assigned to Categories and a lot of the automation magic that happens behind the scenes to keep track of rollovers. Sorry about that. If you want to use the Tiller Budget with Rollovers you can start in this sheet

Hi @heather - Thanks for all your help! I’d definitely like to start trying out the Tiller Labs content. If I’m already using the old Tiller Budget, can I just add the Tiller Money and Tiller Labs add-ons to it, or does the update to the Tiller Money system mean I need to start a new Tiller Budget?

Hi @matt,

Right now, there isn’t a way to connect the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to existing Feedbot owned sheets (basically any sheet created before 8/26/2019). However, we hope to build in the capability to allow the Feeds add-on to help upgrade those sheets in the future. Right now, if you used it to feed data to your existing sheets you’d get duplicates and feeds from two places. Eventually we hope to manage the duplication and turn the Feedbot feeds off when a customer chooses to transition. It’s just not built yet.

You can use the Tiller Labs add-on to install solutions into your existing Budget if there are things there you want to try out that are compatible. The Monthly Budget and Yearly Budget from the Foundation template aren’t compatible with the Tiller Budget. There may be some others that are incompatible because of the Accounts sheet changes too.


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Thanks for the explanation! I don’t mind starting a new sheet with the Tiller Money Feeds, I just wanted to make sure that there wasn’t some easy way to use my old Feedbot sheet that I missed.

Is there a way to budget biweekly?

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If you’d like to budget bi-weekly our option there is to use the Tiller Budget that’s installed via the Tiller add-on for Google Sheets.

You may want to review the comparison topic here between it and the Foundation template.

You can learn more about it here: