How to show 401k and 403b contribution transactions as monthly expenses on the Yearly Budget tab?

My wife and I review our spending on a monthly basis and compare using the yearly budget sheet. The newest thing we want to see is our 401k and 403b contributions on the report; even though it’s already netted out of our paycheck “to keep track of it”.

Our 401k and 403b monthly contributions are automatically deducted on our paycheck. I have Tiller pulling our NET paycheck and shows as income line in our monthly and yearly budget.

I’m racking my brain against how to get this to work for us. I was able to connect the accounts but the contributions show up as positive transactions and throw off the yearly and monthly budget summary page.

Is there a way to force these contribution transactions to appear as negative so they show up as expenses OR do you have an alternate way that I can show this on our monthly report?

Or is there another idea that I can somehow show the contributions on the yearly budget tab as a separate category that doesn’t somehow show up against our expenses as I’m only pulling our NET paychecks and not gross?


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I use the 🏆 Paycheck Deduction Transaction Generator to break out my deductions, including 401k/403b. These would become the negative transactions you’re looking for.


What @jpfieber said. My solution as well, and it really works well.

thanks for the reply. I tried to install it but I use excel not sheets :cry:

The wonderful thing about @jpfieber is that he builds for both when possible and has excel covered as well.

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ooh thank you! let me try now

I’ve been setting up my transaction generator, thank you. It’s really cool and glad to have found it. I was curious because in your write up you mentioned

Blockquote however, now that you’re adding a “Gross Pay” transaction, and are presumably categorizing it as income, you have a problem. You probably already have the bank deposit categorized as income. With both now being called income, your budgets/reports are going to show you earned way more than you really did.

I understand what you mean about setting up the net pay and the income coming into the bank account as Transfers now but then does that mean I have to go back and add in all previous paychecks to fix the income portion?

If you want to look at all the numbers for the year in the same way you’d likely want to change the prior paychecks to use the same method so everything behaves the same.