I have a problem using Account Reconciliation


Glad to have found Tiller. I think it will be good for me.

I’m switching from using Mint after several years. Last summer, we changed banks and closed out a couple accounts and added a couple. This week from Mint I downloaded transactions since 2018 for 5-6 accounts. I connected our 3 current accounts to Tiller to download automatically. (Thankful there are lots of videos and help topics to search!) I’ve been correcting and updating line items on the Transactions sheet.

For some reason, my old checking & savings accounts had the same title as my new checking & savings from Mint. In Tiller, I’ve been renaming my accounts in Transactions Col F because I thought I would attempt to do the Account Reconciliation and Account Register sheets and I wanted my new accounts to be separate from the old ones. I only want to do account reconciliation with my new checking and saving accounts since that seems attainable since they are not yet a year old.

I downloaded the Account Reconciliation and Account Register sheets. On the Account Reconciliation, I clicked the down arrow and selected “T R Savings” since that account has fewer transactions and it would be easier to reconcile. (In Transactions Sheet Col F, this account is now named “T,R SecFed Savings”.)

Here’s my Account Reconciliation Sheet. I made the assumption that since my transactions are correct for this savings account on the Transactions sheet, that I could reconcile the larger date range all in one attempt. However, It doesn’t seem to be capturing any of my transactions.

Transaction Sheet:

I only recently found this hidden Account Sheet and I don’t really know if it’s correct or not:

I feel like there is a simple explanation for the information not capturing, as if I’ve renamed an account inappropriately, or a wrong date range or something. But I can’t figure it out. Previously, I deleted the Reconciliation/Register sheets and reinstalled them, but that didn’t fix it.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

From the illustrations, it appears you’ve setup the Account Reconciliation sheet with an account called “T R Savings”, which was pulled from the hidden “Accounts” sheet that you also have shown. The problem is, all the transactions you’re showing have an account of “T,R SecFed Savings”, which isn’t the same account, so they aren’t being pulled in. You’d need to update those transactions to have an account of “T R Savings” for them to be pulled in. Renaming accounts can be done, but it can be tricky and have unforeseen consequences. The two main places where accounts might have to be changed are the Transactions sheet, and the Balance History sheet (hidden by default). Those two sheets are where all the Tiller data pulls go to, and what all the other templates get their information from about your transactions and bank balances.

I can probably switch the Savings Account names back using Filter later on.

But first, since I haven’t adjusted anything with the old and new Checking accounts, let me ask some questions regarding cleaning up Checking account names so I can do the Reconciliation/Register sheets successfully.

Here are 2 pics of the Transactions pages for my checking account - most recent (New acct) and oldest dates (Old acct). On importing from Mint, both accounts have the same account name. I don’t know why, unless this happens to be what I named them within my online accounts for the old bank and the new banks. And for a time the accounts dates are intermingled because there was a time period we had Old and New open at the same time until everything cleared from the Old. So I’ll have to go through the New account line by line to get the transactions correct for reconciling.

Here’s what I see on the Reconciliation page which I can’t even begin to work out because of the Old and New accounts being intermingled, and because it’s info that goes back to 2018.

How then how do I differentiate between Old Bank and New Bank which for some reason are both named the exact same thing? What’s the cleanest way to separate these two without messing things up for future sheets that I might add?

My original plan was to figure out all the New account transactions and then rename them in Col F of Transactions, like I did with the Savings example. But since that didn’t work, now I’m not sure what to do.

I could probably just start over by pulling in data from my New accounts directly from the bank page, but since I had the option to do everything from Mint, I thought it might be nice to have my spending data all in one place. Is there another idea I should consider?

FYI, I just found the Tiller Console. Is that where I can change names? I only have the New Checking, New Saving and a Credit Card listed there.

Thank you.

Yes, you can rename the accounts in the Tiller Console. You might want to start a brand new spreadsheet. Rename the accounts in the console first, before importing any transactions. Then pull in all the new stuff. Once the new stuff is in, presumably with a different account name than the old stuff, then you could copy/paste the old stuff in. If you don’t want to start fresh, just rename the account for all the old transactions (not the new transactions, that would involve having to rename the account in the console as well, which means you also have to change the Balance History sheet).

Thank you for your response.

I went back in to the Savings and renamed my New savings account with “T R Savings”. All the Old account transactions had already been renamed to something different than that. And with that simple change back, the Account Reconciliation works and the Register works and I am now balanced.

So for my Checking account, I will only rename the Old account items since I have no interest in balancing them.

I didn’t realize that messing with the account names would have unintended consequences.

Also as a thought for your Register sheet, I changed Col D to be right aligned. It just looked better to me to have all the decimals lined up vs. the amounts being centered.

Thanks for your help and for creating your worksheets!

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