Import CSV Line Items workflow question - bank import

I have a question about the Import CSV Line Items workflow from Tiller Community Solutions.
My bank stopped supporting 3rd party. I am trying to figure out doing the CSV imports. I am using the template. It was working, but now when I import the new CSV file, the tool doesn’t do anything. It does not count the transactions. Nothing imports and I finally just have to hit cancel. I have tried exiting out and back into the sheet and refreshing the page.
Please advise why it is not working?

That sounds like the workflow is crashing. What is the file size, @justsayann? Did the workflow work initially on your banks data? You could also try just importing the CSV as a new sheet and moving the columns around to match your Transactions sheet column order.

You could also have a peek at the Simple CSV Workflow if the Line Item workflow is crashing.

Thanks for the response. I figured out the problem. I inadvertently changed the header “date” in the transactions sheet. This made nothing work. When I discovered this and fixed it, all is working correctly.

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