Importing Bank Account Info from 2023

I am new here and wondering how I can import all my 2023 bank account information into the spreadsheet I created so I can have an easy document for taxes? Is there a way to go back and import the data?

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Check out the Import CSV Line Items tool/workflow.

thank you I did figure out a few things but I feel the instructions are confusing. I am doing a trial and want to be sure there is product support before I purchase it. Is this community the support, or does the company offer it? I also cannot figure out how to import my bank account information back more than 3 months, I want to get all of 2023 in a spreadsheet for tax purposes but it’s impossible to figure out how to do this. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you!

Tiller does offer customer support through the chat box in the console. For what you’re looking to do, the import csv workflow is going to be the only way to do it. If anything is unclear about that workflow, you could ask customer service or you could post a question in the thread on that workflow.

First, have you gone to your bank accounts online and downloaded CSV files for all of 2023?

No I haven’t, are there instructions how to do this?

Each bank is different. Login to one of your banks, view the transactions for an account, and look for a download type option.

As an example, here is what Ally Bank looks like:

Also, if you have been using another aggregator financial software, like Mint, you are often able to download your data from there.

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Here’s some instructions for some other ways to do it too: How to Manually Import Your Bank Data | Tiller Help Center

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