:Mega: July 2024 Q2 Awards & Shoutouts

Hear ye! hear ye! Another quarter has gone by and we’re excited to recognize Tiller’s top-20 Q2 community leaders (based on the Leaderboard ) and top Show & Tell contributions (based on your votes) !

Thank you to all of you who have taken the time to vote up favorite templates and workflows and to all contributors who continue to make this Community the force that it is and an integral part of the Tiller experience.

Community Leaders

This quarter we appreciate seven new top-20 community leaders—@mysterytea, @Clint, @andrei, @RachelB, @jemmoa7, @ricardosmenezes, and @magpie707— with a one-year extension to their Tiller subscription, as well as membership in the Tiller Beta group.

Thirteen other seasoned leaders have earned $50 gift cards. It is fantastic to see so many hard-working returners: @Mark.S, @dmetiller, @KyleT, @jpfieber, @1Email2RuleThemAll, @bentyre1, @martha.rudkin, @rhowell, @richl, @yossiea, @imthenachoman, @Caroleen, and @brettanicus.

Congratulations and thank you to the community voices we rely on, :clap:t5: to our Q2 top-20 community leaders!

Remember the leaderboard accrues on a rolling quarterly basis. Our Q3 awards will be announced in early October. Checkout the Leaderboard for real-time standings.


This quarter we are recognizing seven popular Show & Tell contributions— the top four in the Sheets category as well as the top 3 Excel contributions— based on your voting.

Coming in as the top 2 Google Sheets templates with 16 votes each are @bill 's Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management, which allows investment allocation within accounts into up to 38 different buckets, and @Mark.S 's Data Checker Tool which is created as a check for common problems with Transactions/Categories/Accounts data. We will be awarding $500 each to @bill and @Mark.S. Congratulations guys!

Coming in next with 12 votes for the Google Sheets solutions is Investment Returns (Monthly, Annual, Total, XIRR)! by @Cowboy13. This solution automates the calculation of monthly, annual, and XIRR returns on market investments and contains 3 sheets for various account types. @Cowboy13 will receive $350!

With 11 votes is @jpfieber’s solution Envelope Register - Google Sheets which is a virtual envelope solution meant to enable making any Category, Group or Tag an envelope or any other custom column. We are awarding $350 for this one as well.

The top 3 Microsoft Excel solutions are as follows:

We highly appreciate the dedication and willingness of our builders to share these solutions. We encourage everyone to keep that appreciation visible by continuing to vote for the templates you’ve found most helpful. Votes will continue to accrue for all of the Show & Tells which just missed this award cycle.

And don’t be shy about sharing your templates and workflows. We look forward to seeing your creations in Q3.

Giving it right back

There’s something to be said about the feeling of being part of a community and the lift of the support one gets from it. This part is the most rewarding (pun unintended but we’ll take it) of the process. It’s a pleasure to throw the inspiration and motivation right back to you guys. Enjoy the summer while continuing to keep an eye on those precious assets! Catch you next quarter!


This is definitely a great community, and that is because of all the people giving their time. thank you all.