📣 June 2024 Shoutouts… and don’t forget to vote!

Hi Community! It’s almost time for a new round of Tiller Community rewards and recognitions for our community leaders and community-built templates.

We have one month to go before giving those out in July so be sure to get your vote in for your favorite templates – your vote counts and your voice matters to us!

  • First, we’ll recognize Q2 top-20 community leaders . Those who don’t already have it will get a free year of Tiller, and we’ll recognize continuing leaders with $50 gift cards. See the leaderboard standings here .
  • We’ll also recognize and award the top vote-earning Show & Tell contributions— based on YOUR VOTES!

Also don’t forget to appreciate your favorite builders by voting for their Show & Tell shares!

At the moment, the top templates are:

Google Sheets

  1. Asset Allocation and Portfolio Management by @bill
  2. Investment Returns (Monthly, Annual, Total, XIRR)! by @Cowboy13
  3. Data Checker Tool by @Mark.S
  4. Track Your Annual and Lifetime Medical and HSA Expenses! by @forsakingall
  5. Multiple sheets is better than having everything in one by @abhiroopb
  6. Envelope Register - Google Sheets by @jpfieber

Microsoft Excel

  1. Ad Hoc solution to support sub-categories by @jcw0207
  2. How to Reduce File Size by 6MB in the Tiller Foundation Template by @bdunks
  3. Expense Forecasting and seeing upcoming expenses on a Calendar - UPDATED 4/15/24 by @alan.heatherley

As a reminder template awards are only available to submissions that have not previously received awards or recognitions.

Also, although we welcome script-based shares, they are not eligible for these awards per the eligibility criteria here. Vote counts are based on the past three years.

Finally, have a look at the Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Show & Tell forums to see what others have been building and discussing.

It’s your turn to vote for your favorite templates!

Your votes recognize and encourage the work and creativity of builders in our Community. Vote for your favorite Show and Tell shares with the links above.

We’ll share the winners in July. Keep your eyes peeled!