Limited number of transaction

Is there a way to get more than the last 3 months of transaction?
Is there a transaction limit or that’s the default?

Thank you!

Welcome to Tiller!! Actually, 3 months is the default - I believe from the partner who does the financial institution’s polling. For older data, you’ll need to download the transactions into a CSV and then import that into Tiller.


Hi, @nace26!

You can find a guide for the CSV import process @susandennis mentioned here:

How to Manually Import Your Bank Data


Hi all,

Very new to Tiller so please excuse anything that I refer to incorrectly.

My only account for now is my bank checking account, it’s supported in the account feeds but is not reliably importing transactions. So that’s one issue that seems to negate the point of using Tiller as opposed to my own spreadsheet where I manually input bank transactions as I go along, maybe every day or two. Not bashing Tiller, I want it to work.

Next, to get my Jan 2024 data from my bank, I downloaded CSV data to a blank sheet and as instructed, formatted the imported data to match the Tiller transaction sheet, removing and adding columns as needed. So, every time I download data from my bank or future accounts I will be adding, I will always need to go through this “formatting/matching” step before copying data.

Am I correct in this thinking? My banking account offers a few different ways to download data, but CSV is the only one that matches the accepted formats.

I don’t mind manually adding transactions because that’s what I do now, but for historical data the import is vital.

Thank you for putting up with my novice explanation. As I said, I do want Tiller to work, and I get the first few weeks or months with a new piece of software or apps can be challenging.

Mark V :sunglasses:

@cculber2 Thanks for the info. I had already visited this guide and followed along easily. I guess I’m wondering if I’ll always have to format the imported data from this account and any new accounts I add each time I download bank data. It seems tedious and time-consuming. Thanks