Loan/Mortgage Tracking

We are a commercial real estate business.

Are there any templates to track loans/mortgages on Tiller? Is there a good way to distinguish interest versus principal (which brings down the unpaid balance) with each monthly payment?

Any other tips for real estate investors are appreciated.

Thanks for starting this conversation, I think there might be some good templates around the Community for you. Are you wanting to track the balances over time for multiple accounts in one view? Are you wanting to see them as debts to be paid down?

Yes, I would like to track balances in one view. But I would also like to see the correct maturity dates, etc., and the balloon payment due at the end of the loan term.

I think it would help if each principal payment brought down the unpaid balance on each mortgage. I assume this means splitting the transaction, since some of the payment is principal and some is interest (and some include escrow reserve payments for property taxes and insurance).

Using the Debt Planner, I manually added each mortgage and line of credit—Class: Liability; Type: Loan. I then used the same names to add them as categories, under a group called Debt.

Please let me know your thoughts.

FYI, I explain why the general Debt Planner template is not ideal for tracking mortgage loans in this post.

I responded in the other thread, @ksh24. Unfortunately, the Debt Planner is not designed for this type of liability management.

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I am an actuary and get an abnormal amount of joy from creating highly accurate projections & automation, finally getting around to marrying the 2 with Tiller after building projections to encompass nearly my entire financial life in Excel.

I had this very spreadsheet pre-Tiller, and am converting it over the next couple weeks/months (along with paycheck deduction formulas, tax projection, property tax projection, escrow rebalancing projection, etc. that are finally validated with <1% margin of error to my actuals & all intertwine with one another, so it’ll take a bit to get it all converted). I will share when I’m done!


This would be of great value.