Looking for something less data-heavy than Recurring Bills sheet

Looking for simpler solution (than recurring bills template) to be able to

  1. plan for upcoming expenses - i.e., insurance premium due in 2 weeks, or large auto repair expense to pay at end of the month that is a one-time cost 2) be able to tell if sufficient funds are available to pay those expenses

The recurring bills sheet is great, but really a lot more than I need to have a simple “here’s what is due and what you have in your bank now”.


Hi @jill.kinnett :slight_smile:
Are you looking for something automated or a simple form you can complete with anticipated expenses, their sum and then a comparison of this against your latest balance?

Automated if possible. What we want to be able to do is enter in all known recurring expenses and when they are to be paid, and then be able to see what is coming due let’s say end of month so we have enough funds in our bill paying checking account for those expenses. So if we have noted our annual life insurance premium is coming due on Feb 20th, we can look at that sheet and see we have a larger than normal expense to cover than our day to day. The account we are paying out of would show an updated balance.

I know there are separate worksheets that I could cobble together to get this info, but was hoping there could be one sheet that would pull it all together. The new Recurring Expenses sheet is too cumbersome for my limited knowledge of spreadsheet formulations so would like something more suited to what we need. I may be asking for a lot more than is possible, but thought I would ask!

Great. I posted an idea in the Show and Tell area. I think this might help.
Let me know, @jill.kinnett!