Managing Sheets

I’m new to Tiller and am wondering how others manage the number of sheets. I hope to run reports and make notes into the sheet directly (e.g. why a budget category was high one month), rather than depending on handwritten notes on a printed sheet. That said, I’m reluctant to keep adding sheets to the foundational template document when such sheets are for recordkeeping than daily use. Do others add additional google sheet documents to hold these reports and such? Thanks for sharing!

Hi Laura,

Welcome to Tiller! I do add additional tabs to the Foundational Template. I have added both temporary Pivot Table Report tabs that I later delete and also many permanent ones that I use for ongoing tracking of Financial Advisor Fees, Tax Information, Required Minimum Distribution records, etc… Also have added several Sheets developed by others in the community that I liked.

I find it convenient to have them all in one sheet.

This may not be sustainable long-term, but I use the Insert>Note command for individual cells at times. I most commonly use this on the Categories sheet to notate an outlier that I want to remember like your example above or to explain a number in more detail.

If I want to, I can then Print the Categories sheet with the Show Notes option checked under Formatting on the Print menu and it will print any notes you’ve put on that sheet at the end of your print out with a reference number back to the field where you put the note.

This may help you with simple use cases but may not be sufficient as a robust report.

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