Mark bill as paid automatically in "Bill Payment Tracker"


I’m new to Tiller, and have been trying out “Bill Payment Tracker”. I like it so far, but was wondering if it’s possible to automatically check the “Paid” checkboxes (maybe based on “Last Paid” and “Last Amount”), instead of manually checking the checkbox? I tried a bit, but unfortunately my spreadsheet knowledge is lacking.


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I’m currently working on a solution that covers the same functionality as the Bill Payment Tracker, as well as adds additional functionality, that you might be interested in. It should be out in the next few days, if all goes to plan.

This solution will allow you enter your pay date and frequency, credit card information, and a list of recurring expenses. The report will then project a list of expenses that will be due before you receive your next paycheck, what credit card balances are due by your next check, how much will be left in your account until your next paycheck, and give you an overall look at your checking, savings, and credit card accounts.

This solution is more than just “add a sheet”, however, as it uses multiple custom sheets to calculate a myriad of things that all converge onto the final report page. The supporting sheets have already been released, and can be stand-alone solutions for what they offer:

The two remaining support sheets, Recurring Expense Entry and Generated Expenses, are described in this solution, which is more for developers that want to build reports similar to this one for recurring expenses. That solution can be used on its own, but it’s not the most effective and is generally not recommended.

Once set up, though, this new solution is very low maintenance.
You would install and set up the sheets, then add an additional column to the Transactions sheet called “Expense tag”. When a recurring expense transaction comes in, you would set this column equal to the name of the expense. Once done, the expense that was paid will disappear from the report page. Credit card payments automatically disappear due to the nature of how they’re calculated.

It’s not the fully automatic functionality you’re looking for, but I feel it’s easier to do than going to another sheet and checking the box, then remembering what boxes are checked to check again when you change the view, etc… like the Bill Payment Tracker has.


Very cool @1Email2RuleThemAll! I’m definitely interested! I look forward to checking out your solution once it’s released. Thanks!

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Welcome @mcmiller :wave:

I’m not sure how to do this but wondering if @jono might know a way - I think he came up with that Bill Payment Tracker concept.

Has this been released yet?

It has! You can find the documentation and solution here: