Autopay indicator on Bill Payment Tracker template

Can someone suggest a way I can identify the bills I have set up in the Bill Payment Tracker as ones that are set to auto pay opposed to those that I have to go manually pay? I don’t necessarily want the checkbox to check automatically, just a visual that this one I don’t have to go to the website and pay and this one I do. For instance, I have my electric bill on auto pay. I just need to check my transactions that it posted and then I go back to the Bill tracker and check the box. I like to verify it posted before marking that it was paid. However, my car payment I pay manually so I need to go to the website and pay it. It is a very simple thing but it is annoying when I go to the electric website forgetting that I had them already set up on auto pay. Just a waste of my time. Admittedly, it is my fault for having a terrible memory on which ones are set to auto and which ones aren’t! :slight_smile: But, if there were an indicator it would save me a few minutes of time. Currently I have changed the color of the ones that are on auto pay in the C column of the Bill Setup section. But, I would rather a checkbox or something else more “sophisticated” than random colors.


Doesn’t the tracker show the last date paid?

Yes, but when I sit down to pay bills I’m not concerned with when it was paid last month. I need a quick way to know if I need to go to the website or app and manually pay the bill or if I already set it up as autopay with that specific company and just need to wait for the automatic transaction to post.

Gotcha, in that case, I think the simplest would just be a conditional formatting, either manual or via checkbook/list.