Math Functions & Check Boxes

I have a cell for which I am looking to return an aggregated sum from the math function of adding Column 2 with Column 3, but only if the Checkbox in Column 1 on that row is checked…for 60+ rows.


In this example the ‘TRUE’ lines were lines with the checkbox activated. The answer I’d be looking for this example would be $173.97. If you have any suggestions to move me forward on this, it would be appreciated. Swerving out of my lane with this one.

Hi @dbashamjr:

If I understand what you are working toward, here is one way to make it happen (others here may have better options):

Assume the column with the checkboxes is column A, your column 2 is column B, and your column 3 is column C.

  1. Add an additional fourth column D, and enter the following formula in column D to sum columns B and C for each row:
    … copy downward for all rows

  2. At the bottom of column D, add this formula:


It will look to column A and add the cross sums of B and C, reported in D, including only the rows where there is a check in the box of column A.

Also swerving out of my lane. Thanks for the wild ride!