Money Dashboard Question

I have setup a business dashboard, and when I did that the Money Dashboard is not showing the assets and liabilities. Nothing is listed in that anymore. All assets and liabilties are showing up in the business dashboard. I am sure I am doing something silly here. Any suggestions?Dashboard

:wave:, @akottai. I’m not sure what you mean by “Money Dashboard” I don’t think any of the solutions in Labs are named that but perhaps you renamed the tab.

You could try restoring it via Tiller Money Labs and see if that helps?

I meant to say the regular Dashboard. When I added the Business Dashboard, the regular Dashboard is no longer showing the data/graph accurately.

As you see in the picture above, Assets and Liabilities are blank in the Dashboard.
Interstingly, I am seeing this data missing only in the “Current Balance” section. All other graphs in the dashboard have data.