Accounts Sheet Issue: downstream solutions broken after upgrading sheet

I loaded the new update for the Accounts tab the other day and now my Account Filter tab is not working. Also, there are no assets and liabilities on the Dashboard tab. That is all I have noticed so far. Please help.


Can you try restoring the Account Filter sheet from the Tiller Labs add-on under Manage Solutions?

Also, which “Dashboard tab” are you referring to where you’re not seeing assets/liabilities? Maybe also try restoring that one too?


Sorry to hear, @Blake. Our Tiller Labs restore solution functionality (under “Manage Solutions”) usually works well for downstream sheets (i.e. sheets with no upstream dependencies). We have noticed that sometimes, when an upstream sheet (like Accounts) is restored, downstream sheets— those that have dependencies back up to it— do not automatically recalculate their linked content. (The Accounts sheet is upstream of Net Worth, Balances, Debt Progress, Quick Insights, Account Filter, and a few others.) The easiest solution is, as @heather says, to restore the downstream templates as well if they appear stuck or broken.

I’m hoping we can find a way to get the addon to trigger a refresh on downstream templates in subsequent releases. I also hope the upstream templates (which tend to be simpler and more mature) stabilize and updates to them are not needed.

Hoping this helps,

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@Blake, I was having the exact same issue and restoring the dashboard did fix the problem. However, the the “recover” command for the Dashboard isn’t under the Tiller Labs add-on. Instead it’s Add-ons > Tiller > Business > Restore Dashboard.

The problem with this fix is that you’ll lose all customized content. For example, I added a few custom graphs as well as graphs from other solutions like Net Worth that I now have to go back and add all over again. Fortunately, I copied all of the columns where I added data before restoring so I’ll just have to paste the columns in and re-create the graphs.

Thanks for everyone’s help.

The restore fixed the Account Filter sheet but not the Dashboard from Simple Business.

Now what?

If you look under the business add-on there should be an option to “restore dashboard.” That should fix it.


Yes, I restored the dashboard the other day and just restored it now and it is still not fixed. Thanks for your help.


The restore dashboard did not work here. Now what? Thanks, Blake

To clarify, @Blake, your Simple Business template is not updating since you did an upgrade on your Accounts sheet?

Our current master is in this file. Could you try opening the master up and doing a Copy To of the Dashboard sheet into your spreadsheet? If this works, you should be able to delete the old one.

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It worked. You the man. Thanks, Blake