New AutoCat (beta) features in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on for Google Sheets

Thanks for the reply.
This feature is really amazing, by the time I go to my transactions, 80%+ are already filled out and my splits are marked for review.
I would love to have an auto-split but for now, I think this is as best as we can get.

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Where is the Add-On? How do you update the old sheet? Confused :frowning:

Hi @cgconeal:

You should have a sheet called, “Autocat” that lists your rules (is it “hidden” by chance?), and the action button is in the Tiller Money Feeds sidebar. From the Google Toolbar, Add-ons | Tiller Money Feeds | Open Sidebar.

The action for AutoCat is at the top.

Does that help?

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I removed the old AutoCat sheet. I then launched the add-on tool and when I went to AutoCat it presented an option to install the new AutoCat sheet. Problem solved :slight_smile: Thanks as well.

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