Editing of AutoCat Rules

Hello everyone, how are you doing today? I have a question and not sure if something like this exists or not.

Concerning the AutoCat rule, is there a way to edit/tweak an already existing AutoCat Rule? Because I would rather not delete it and then go back to re-add all the details before the rule replaced everything.

Overall, this would just make things/actions much more efficient and less tedious.

I’ll be looking forward to your response.

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Absolutely! You can unhide the AutoCAT sheet by clicking the ‘hamburger’ icon in the lower left corner and choosing ‘AutoCAT’ from the list. Once unhidden, each row is a rule. You can edit these manually how ever you like. Search on AutoCAT ( Search results for ‘autocat’ - Tiller Community (tillerhq.com)) and you’ll see lots of ways to do most anything you need with rules.

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Can you be more specific on clicking the hamburger icon? Can you show a picture of it? I am not seeing any icon in the lower left corner.

Screenshot 2022-03-07 153826

Thanks, so actually I had already gone into category, and updated each line in the rules. I refreshed and on the transactions page and nothing changed. I still have the little red error on the top right hand side on my transactions’ page on the transactions that should have been updated. Not sure what I am doing incorrectly.

I started with you guys last year, I made a lot of mistakes in how I set my budget up. I really would like to start over with 2022 and just delete my 2021 budget. Can I do that?