Changing AutoCat category


New user here. Is there a trick to changing the AutoCat category for a rule?

I had a rule set as “Restaurants” and ran AutoCat

Then I changed it to “Groceries”

It will not update the categories after running Autocat

Any tricks to do this?

Thank you

Do you have to delete the old category on the transactions tab before AutoCat will work again?

I’m not sure why just changing the rule isn’t work but, I’d just delete old rule and make a new one. And then run Autocat.

AutoCat will not write over transactions that have already been categorized. Is that normal behavior?

Or should you be able to change rules and then overwrite existing transactions?

I tried to delete the row and make a new rule but the only thing that worked was deleting the categories on the transactions tab and then running autocat again.

If you go to autocat Settings (bottom of the autocat window), you can chose how you want it to operate.

Thanks! I’ll check it out.

Do you know if there is a way to assign a shortcut or add a ribbon button for auto-cat? So you don’t have to menu dive every time?

no, sorry, i don’t. if there is, hopefully someone will post it here.

Here’s a quick way to get to AutoCat from the menu ribbon.

Click on Extensions, then Tiller Money Feeds, then Autocat, then Run AutoCat or Open AutoCat, (Highlighted in yellow on the screen shot below):

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