"NOT" Operator available for AutoCat

If I have 10 Accounts in my AutoCat rules, and I want to create a rule to search in 8 of those accounts, instead of listing all 8, is there a “NOT” operator, where I can just list the 2, not to include?

So, instead of “Account1”,“Account2”,“Account3”…“Account8”
do this NOT"Account9",“Account10”

I think you’re in luck! In your AutoCat sheet, create a new column called Account Regex. If you then put ^(?!Amex$).*$ in that column as the rule, it should apply to every account except the Amex account. Fill in the changes you want AutoCat to make in the other columns (eg. Category). @randy will probably have to chime in on this, but I think you should be able to do multiple statements like this by including them in quotes and separating them with a comma (or maybe you need a much more complex Regex statement instead).

I love that you shared this advanced-Autocat solve, @jpfieber.

I built the regex functionality in Autocat and assumed what you shared was possible but I hadn’t tried to pull something like it off myself. And your solution seems to work great!

As for multiple not-match conditions, I think you could modify @jpfieber’s solution like this:

Let us know if this works, @naeemjuttonline.

P.S. This tool works great if you want to refine your regex expressions.