P&L Report - Error: V4 Helper->getRanges Fatal

I feel your pain, @al1, and agree that this should work better. As you probably know, the workflows (including reports) in the Tiller Community Solutions Add-on are best-effort, unsupported beta workflows. They seem to work well for most users but your case appears exceptional, presumably due to the large dataset.

The reports are coded using Google Apps Script (they don’t run a query). I agree that open sourcing this code (especially since it is not “supported” by our product team) could make sense but we aren’t in position to do that right now.

Two things you might try:

  • Have you tried running this type of report with a pivot table?
  • I think there might be in-cell formula based tooling you could use to build this yourself relatively quickly. I’d consider cloning a copy of the Yearly Budget. In the hidden area, there is a QUERY() that pulls actuals across multiple months— you can probably use this query more or less as is. From there, you might be able to hack on the formulas that pull that data into the body of the Yearly Budget to format it similar to the P&L report. (The Yearly Budget is very similar visually and data-wise to the P&L report.)

Sorry I don’t have a better solution for you.