Percent of Budget in Savings Budget sheet. (Like it is displayed in Monthly Budget sheet.)

I saw a nifty feature in the Monthly Budget sheet, that showed each section as a percentage of the total budget. I was immediately envious, as I use the Savings Budget sheet, and it does not have that feature.

So I made a formula that you can stick in the first “black bar” in the empty column (‘C12’ for me) of your Savings Budget sheet.

Percentage of Budget for Savings Budget sheet

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(N12:N="Expense",TEXT(E12:E/INDIRECT("E"&MATCH("EXPENSE",B1:B,0)),"0%")&" of budget",iferror(1/0)))

Edit: You could do percentage of actuals as well if you wanted.
Percentage of Actual Spend for Savings Budget sheet

=ARRAYFORMULA(IF(N12:N="Expense",TEXT(F12:F/INDIRECT("F"&MATCH("EXPENSE",B1:B,0)),"0%")&" of actual",iferror(1/0)))

I had also wanted to do that but never spent the time to figure it out. Your instructions worked perfectly, thanks!

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