Chart Showing Percent of Budget to Date


I am new here. I am not a novice excel user per se but just getting familiar with pivit charts. I am looking for a way to use the info in the Tiller Foundations worksheet for Excel to create a chart showing how much I have spent up to this date as a percent of what has been budgeted up until this date. Similar to what is shown in tabular form on the “Yearly Budget” tab but also adding in the percent calculation.




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This is a great idea. I don’t know the exact solution to it as I am not as savvy in Excel as in Google Sheets, but you can definitely insert additional worksheets into your workbook and build a custom dashboard to present this information. You could use a pivot table to show you the spent “to date” amount and then perhaps a query or something equivalent to pull in the budgeted amount? I don’t think there are any show & tells that are doing this already, but a great idea for sure!

Tagging @Builders to see if anyone is interested in building out something like this to submit for builder rewards.

I created a worksheet that does just this…but instead of percentage, I use conditional formatting to color code the cells. If there is plenty of money left in a category, the cells are green. If I am close, yellow; over red (there are 5 shades total I use). I then do the same thing but looking at the year.

This is the formula I use to calculate how much I have spent in a category for the month:


$C$3 is a cell with today’s data (=TODAY())
$C$5 is the start of this month (=EOMONTH(C3,-1)+1)
Monthly-Progress’!B8 is the category I want to look at

I am a novice excel user, so I’m sure there are much netter ways to do this.


That sounds like a great and easy-to-implement solution, @dirk.van.assendelft. Thanks for sharing!