How do I report on percentage of budget category over income updating monthly

I’ve just started using tiller. I’ve created another worksheet for reporting stuff. As my first simple one I’d like a percentage that updates with the current month. Something like (budget category giving) / (budget category income)… what is my best strategy for this? If this has already been answered feel free to point me towards the best resource.

Hi @jase.clamp,
I’m sure its possible to add this. I’m just not clear what sheet you are using. It sounds like you might have your own custom sheet so I don’t know what info in on there. Perhaps you could share a version of your sheet, with no personal data?

Formula-wise, it would be:
= [cell for budget category giving ] / [cell for budget category income ]

I assume you want this for all your categories.
You might fill down this formula so it works for all for them.
For the Cell for budget category income, this value will always stay in the same, so put $ before each part of the cell location, such as $B$2. That way the cell won’t change when you fill the formula down.

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