Percentage of income amount

Hello, I’m new here. Loving it so far.

I’d like to know if there is a way where I can, from the categories page, set an amount based on the total income. To explain further, I have 7 income lines in my spreadsheet. I give 10% of my income away. I’d like for that 10% to be accounted for as a part of the budget so that it may be added to my budget.

Is this possible to set up?

If I’m understanding you correctly, the way I’d do it is to first add your income to the budget via an income category. Then add a category for the money you want to give away (eg. ‘Charity’). Then, instead of typing in a number for the Charity budget amount, use a formula instead:


In the example, cell G5 would be where you put the income for that month. So the formula is saying “display 10% of what’s in the cell G5”.

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