Tiller 'Monthly Budget' Sheet error in Income when trying to enter a Budget

I was trying to use the ‘Monthly Budget’ Sheet but when put in an amount under Paycheck in ‘F19’ as budget, the ‘Income’ under the Budget column, the top row (16) of Income under ‘Budget’ and under ‘Available’ shows a Ref error ‘Array result was not expanded because it would overwrite data in F19.’

Am I not supposed to Budget an income for January 2024?


The budget sheet gets information from the Transaction sheet (for actuals) and Categories sheet (for budget). The error you got was expected since you overrode the formula.
If you put it in the Categories sheet, it will automatically show up in the Monthly Budget.


:point_up: is exactly right. Put differently, the only three sheets that require information from you (either automatically downloaded or manually entered) to get your basic set-up going are: Categories, Transactions, and Accounts. And then just let Tiller do the work for all the other sheets.

Thanks. I only see dates of January 2023 to December 2023 in the Categories sheet.
How do I enter the values for January, 2024 and further?

This thread has lots of resources on setting up your sheet for the new year. If you watch the video linked to in that thread, @heather walks through the answer to your question step-by-step.

How do you fix the Error?