Personal Wealth Report / FIRE Forecasts etc


I’m very new to Tiller and have some requirements I’m looking that I’m sure others have come across.

  1. I want to add in Voluntary Contributions per month to Superannuation (known as 401K in USA) and then forecast based on a percentage estimate per year
  2. Where do I add my Assets, e.g. Houses and their values?
  3. How do I add in Savings and accrued interest?
  4. How can I create a “Retirement Calculator” that shows the yearly projected balances for the next 30 years of my working life? It should also include CPI increases per year to salary etc.

Essentially I want to project my future net worth, and FIRE (financially independent retire early) so that I can work towards a year when I will be able to successfully retire on an income of my choosing.

I hope this makes sense. Has anyone done this using Tiller? And/or Have some XLS or Google Sheet templates that they could share as well as any Tiller configuration advice?

For assets like house and autos, I’ve found creating manual accounts for each has worked well. I then manually update their values once a month.

For Savings and interest, either link your savings account and the interest transactions will automatically download, or create a manual account and manually enter transactions as they occur.

For retirement stuff, check in the Community Solutions extension, there is a “Retirement Planner” template you can install.

Brilliant! Thanks mate!

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